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At WeFlex, we believe everybody should feel welcome and safe when they exercise. We also know that not every body is the same – but all too often it can be a challenge to find a local PT or gym that’s equipped and confident in helping you train. That’s why we’ve created WeFlex, to help trainers and gyms understand how they can help make you feel safe, confident and welcome when you exercise, no matter what makes you unique.

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There are many reasons why maintaining regular exercise can be challenging, but having access to fitness professionals or facilities, your personal comfort or a sense of welcome, should never be one of them. That’s why we’re working with the fitness community to ensure they know how to make their space and services safe and their staff confident with training every body.
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When you only see what’s different, you miss what’s possible.

At WeFlex, when the world sees disabilities, we see people. And, it’s our mission to ensure that for every person, what’s truly possible for their health and fitness can be achieved with a local trainer or at their local gym. Whether you’re a wheelchair user, have a brain injury, are neurodiverse, or just struggle to feel comfortable with mainstream fitness, we’re here to help.

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We’re working our way around Australia, helping personal trainers and gyms to be WeFlex ready, so you can flex with comfort and confidence. No matter how fit you are, whether you’re a wheelchair user, or prefer a little quiet when you work out, we’re transforming the fitness industry one trainer at a time, and we won’t stop until every body feels welcome.

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Our WeFlex training programs have been co-designed by the people they help, so you can be confident you’re creating a safe, friendly and fit-ready environment for every member or client.

FITREC wholly supports the WeFlex initiative to make fitness more accessible for all… The training and connections that WeFlex can provide for the fitness industry is long overdue.

Dennis Hosking, Founder & MD, FITREC

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