Connecting people with disability to the health & fitness industry.

Want to get fit in your local area?
Welcome to WeFlex. 

At WeFlex, we believe that health and fitness is for everybody, but not every body is the same. It can be a challenge for people with disability and unique needs to find a local gym or fitness professional that’s capable and confident to train them. 

WeFlex was created to help these services understand how to train, and exercise, people with disability and unique needs, making them feel safe, confident and welcome through their fitness journey. 

WeFlex believes that the key to having a positive fitness professional/client relationship, is to understand and cater to the unique needs of the client. That is the core of WeFlex. 

Once we understand these needs and their goals, we upskill prospective fitness professionals by having them undertake our modules that are tailored around a specific need. 

This ensures our WeFlex fitness professionals are prepared and equipped to support out WeFlex Clients and help them reach their goals. 

Steps for clients

Steps for fitness professionals

FITREC wholly supports the WeFlex initiative to make fitness more accessible for all… The training and connections that WeFlex can provide for the fitness industry is long overdue.

Dennis Hosking, Founder & MD, FITREC

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