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The personal training we provide at WeFlex is centred around a persons’ individual needs! We wanted to go deeper on this by developing AUSactive CEC & FITREC recognised training courses that personal trainers could undertake to be qualified in working with people with disabilities and this is how the WeFlex Academy was born.

WeFlex Academy has courses focused on specific support needs for our clients that have been developed through appropriate clinical reviews and community consultation. We have collaborated with people with unique needs, who have instructed us on how to instruct you.

  • Co Designed
  • Clinically Reviewed
  • Industry Certified
  • Peak Body Collaboration

WeFlex Academy Courses
What You Will Learn

Our co-designed courses listed below will provide you with a framework on how to create inclusive, supportive and empowering experiences for people with disabilities.

Disability Inclusion Principles and Inclusive Language
Assist you in understanding your rights, responsibilities and duty of care as a fitness professional and how you can best support your clients.
Inclusive Programming Principles
Explore how to support people with a disability by reducing the barriers to entry. The TREE model is used as a framework for how to apply adaptation to each session.
Deaf and Hard Of Hearing
Explore the nature of deaf and hard of hearing conditions. It provides a framework on how to create an inclusive, supportive and empowering experience to meet the needs of clients who may be deaf and hard of hearing.
Behaviours Of Concern
Develop your knowledge in behaviours of concern and why they occur as well as strategies for preventing and responding to different scenarios. It is fundamental in understanding how to keep everyone safe, and ensure your clients get the most out of the sessions with you.
Sensory Needs
This content examines the unique sensory needs that many Australians have, how they experience the world around them and how you, as a fitness professional, can facilitate an environment to best accommodate and support them in achieving their fitness goals.
Low Vision
​​​​​​​Understand the nature of blind and low vision conditions. This module provides a framework on how to create an inclusive, supportive and empowering experience to meet the needs of clients who may be blind or have low vision.


WeFlex Academy Frequently Asked Questions

No. Once you have completed all core modules you will need to progress through our onboarding process before you are officially WeFlex accredited. Read below for more details on the process.

There are key components to becoming WeFlex accredited. They are listed below

  • Completing your WeFlex Portal and Trainer Profile
  • Submitting your vital documents including up to date qualifications, registration, insurance, CPR/First Aid
  • Completing the WeFlex Academy courses – at a minimum you must complete our mandatory CORE modules.
  • NDIS compliance including worker screening application and worker orientation module

For any questions about the above you can reach out to us via our fitness professionals page to start your onboarding process.

You can expect it to take approximately 4-5 hours to complete all of the WeFlex Academy courses. Each course will take approximately 30-90 minutes depending on the course.

A vast majority of the Academy courses will provide you with CECs as part of your ongoing professional development. Please review each course individually for the specific details on CECs gained upon completion.

The cost of each course varies. The core modules are complimentary as part of our Fitness Professional onboarding program.

Why Become A WeFlex Trainer

WeFlex is a registered NDIS provider and we take care of all the paperwork required, so you can train the new clients we source for you, straight away. Remember, we are here with you every step! WeFlex provides ongoing support and development to increase your knowledge while improving the fitness industry and making inclusivity mainstream.

  • Deliver rewarding, life changing sessions that make a real difference
  • Unlock new client opportunities
  • Improve your professional development and training
  • Support your business growth and sustainability


I have been teaching for over three decades now, and have taught thousands of sessions to people as young as 3 to people their 80s, but nothing comes close to the joy I get from teaching the WeFlex clients.

Accredited WeFlex fitness professional

Accredited WeFlex fitness professional

Training one of my Flexers just gives me another level of satisfaction. I am constantly in awe of their persistence, perseverance and attitude.

Accredited WeFlex fitness professional

Accredited WeFlex fitness professional

I am so proud be supporting WeFlex and their great work. Over the last few months, I have been impressed with their proactive work to health care and education.

Joe Smith

Joe Smith

Personal Trainer

WeFlex are about fitness for every body and I’m beyond happy to be able to bring our version of fitness to every body.

Accredited WeFlex fitness professional

Accredited WeFlex fitness professional