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  • My Weight-Loss Journey: Part 3 – The Bike
    At this point it had been three weeks since I began my weight loss journey, and yet I was not making the progress I had hoped. […]
  • My Weight Loss Journey: Part 2 – Getting Started
    If I was going to achieve my goal of losing 10kgs, I had to strategize exactly how I intended to do it. The first thing I […]
  • My Weight Loss Journey: Part 1- Introduction
    For as long as I can remember, I have always had a bit of a problem with my weight. In the past I didn’t take it […]
  • Where to start: four health goals
    My best friend and LITTLE brother is Jackson, AKA Jackie Boy. We have been inseparable since birth, and nothing has changed. We have similar interests, enjoy […]
  • Going ‘All In’ on Inclusion
    Looking back at our earlier budgets, David and I expected to and were prepared to work out of shared offices, cafes, libraries and car parks in […]
    Since day one of starting WeFlex I’ve had Anytime Fitness in my sights – the perfect partnership! It wasn’t because they are the largest and most […]
  • The ‘Why’ of it all
    I’ve had a passion for inclusive fitness for about 11 years, but only done something about it for about 23 months. I never thought I’d find […]
  • WeFlex 💚s Paper + Spark
    WeFlex isn’t a charity.  Because we don’t think that the fitness industry should be more inclusive as an act of charity. All that would do is […]
  • The Beginning of Something New
    Last year, when my brother first suggested I join him at the gym on Sundays, I was initially hesitant. Then I agreed.  To the average person it would appear to […]
  • Life is not a race
    My name is Jacob, and I am 24 years of age.I have a daughter Chelsea and my partner, Amanda.I am two years post spinal cord injury. […]

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