It’s your right to enjoy a life full of health, strength, and happiness… 


And our commitment is to guide and support you, ensuring your workouts aren’t just effective, but also completely customized to suit your goals.


Using your NDIS funding for personal training is an amazing opportunity to be active, improve your health and meet new people.


And our WeFlex Accredited and NDIS recognised personal trainers are 100% dedicated to your success on your terms.


That’s why our programs are versatile, flexible, and ready to adapt to your pace and preferences.

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How WeFlex Works with the NDIS to Support Your Fitness Goals

For participants whose goals are linked to weight loss, and improved fitness. Workout in the local gym, in the park or at home – wherever works for you!

For participants who are looking to improve or maintain their current level of mobility. Ensures greater independence and safety within day-to-day living.

For participants who are looking to connect to their local community or develop their social skills. Learn how to navigate the gym while getting fit and having fun!

Not a lot of people realize it but…


If you currently have NDIS —  chances are good that you can apply a portion of it towards personal training sessions.


And while navigating that process may seem daunting, you’re not alone. 


At WeFlex, we specialize in simplifying the process, so you can focus on what matters most – your health and fitness. 


Our knowledgeable team is here to guide you every step of the way. We’ll clarify how you can use your NDIS funding to access our personalized training services.

Here’s How We Help You Get Started Using NDIS:

We have WeFlex accredited NDIS group fitness instructors from a range of fitness disciplines, who can facilitate sessions for disability service providers of group-based supports or activities, such as community participation programs, lifestyle & recreational programs, vocational & employment support programs, respite and supported independent living services.

A WeFlex accredited group fitness instructor is available in-person (at your location, at your local gym/fitness centre) or online. We currently offer General Fitness, Boxing, Yoga, Pilates, Zumba and Mixed Martial Arts. However, if you are after something not listed here, please make a request!

Group fitness sessions are delivered at a fee for service to the provider booking the session. Prices are based per hour and on group size.

WeFlex is Your Best Path to a Long, Healthy, Active Life!

Unlike attending a crowded gym alone, WeFlex finds you the right personal trainer for YOU. 

Through our unique matchmaking process, we’ll pair you with a trainer who understands your support needs and goals. 


Our network includes accredited and experienced professionals who are not only skilled… but passionate about working with individuals of all abilities.


They’ll ensure that you’re hitting your goals… and that you’re enjoying every step of the way.


You’ll get to experience fitness without the confusion or complication of doing it alone.


We’ve dedicated ourselves to making the journey as clear and straightforward as possible. 


From understanding your funding options to meeting your ideal trainer, WeFlex is here to ensure your path to fitness is smooth and enjoyable.

Ready to Find Out More and Get Started?

Take the Next Step with Confidence

You’re just a click away from starting a fitness journey that’s designed with you in mind. Our streamlined process ensures that taking the next step is as easy as it is exciting.

 How to Get Started:

First…Enquire Today

Click any of the green buttons on this page to fill in the simple form. Tell us about yourself, your goals, and the best times to reach you.

2nd…Schedule a Chat:

Choose a time that works for you, and we’ll set up a call to dive deeper into your fitness aspirations and explain how WeFlex can make them a reality (including NDIS setup).

3rd…Get Matched:

We’ll find the perfect trainer to work with you in your local area. They’ll help create a fitness plan that meets your goals and preferences.

4th…Have Your First Personal Training Session!

It’s go time! Our trainers will let you choose where you want to work out. It could be the gym, a park, at home, or anywhere else you prefer.

No Pressure, No Rush 

Take your time to consider what’s best for you.

Our team is here to answer your questions and provide all the information you need to make an informed decision about your fitness future with WeFlex.

Your Questions, Answered.

We Hear You. We’re Here for You. 


Starting a new fitness journey can bring up many questions and perhaps a few concerns… But you’re in good hands!
Your peace of mind is our priority. 
Our approach is about open conversations, real support, and providing the answers you need to feel confident every step of the way.
Here are some common things you might be wondering about:
What if I have specific physical challenges? 
– WeFlex is designed to accommodate a wide range of abilities. Our trainers are skilled in tailoring workouts to meet your individual support needs.
How does the NDIS funding process work? 
– Our team is well-versed in the NDIS process. Connect with us and we will guide you through using your funding for personal training services.
What can I expect from my first session? 
– Expect a warm welcome, a listening ear, and a workout that respects your pace and comfort level. It’s all about you and your goals.
[add more here once I have these]
Not Sure Where to Start? 
-No problem. Reach out to us. We make it super easy, with no obligation and no rush. Whether you’re ready to dive in or just want to dip your toes, we’re here to provide the information and encouragement you need.

We Can't Wait to Connect with You!

Remember, starting a fitness journey with WeFlex means having a partner every step of the way. Let’s explore how we can support your path to wellness and fitness through NDIS.


You’ve learned about how WeFlex can transform your fitness experience, the support we provide every step of the way, and the answers to your most pressing questions. 


There’s just one thing left to do – take that first, most important step.


Join the WeFlex Family and become part of a community that believes in breaking down barriers and creating accessible fitness solutions for everyone. 


We’re ready to welcome you with open arms and a shared commitment to your health and happiness.


There’s never been a better time to prioritize your fitness and health. With WeFlex and NDIS working together for you, your goals are not just dreams—they’re within your grasp.


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