Looking back at our earlier budgets, David and I expected to and were prepared to work out of shared offices, cafes, libraries and car parks in the early stages of WeFlex. We were even going to do our filming in our living rooms and at friendly gyms at ungodly hours to avoid interruption. Honestly, we were just looking forward to getting out of our homes for more than 5 minutes! #juststartupthings #weloveourfamilies

The last thing we expected was our first office to be a multi-prong office/gym space all to ourselves. But thanks to the generosity of the families in the All In giving circle we received exactly that. All In is a network of families who have incorporated philanthropy into their lives and as a way to support their children to understand the world they live in and how they can create positive, meaningful impact in it. As someone who worked in philanthropy for years I can attest to the benefit of including children in these conversations.

The best part (for me personally) was that it showed that they saw WeFlex the same way I did. To someone on the outside, WeFlex is a business that these families were making a philanthropic donation to. But that’s not how we see it. 

WeFlex is a movement. 

A belief. 

A family.

And like all of these things they work best when shared. 

All In are a part of WeFlex and we are proud to share this journey with them and their families. 

Thank you.

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