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It’s our mission to ensure that everyone’s health and fitness goals can be achieved with a local fitness professional, at a local gym, park or at home. Whether you’re a wheelchair user, have a brain injury, are neurodiverse, or struggle to feel confident with mainstream fitness, we’ve got you.

WeFlex helps gyms and fitness professionals understand how to ensure people with disability have a positive exercise experience, where your unique support needs are considered.

We source a local WeFlex fitness professional who has been carefully selected and trained with skills matched to your individualised support needs, personal attributes, and preferences.

One-on-One Personal Training

Personal Training with a WeFlex fitness professional sets you up for success in working towards your goals. WeFlex improve the health, mobility, and social connectivity of people with disability by linking you to fitness professionals matched to your needs and preferences.

For participants whose goals are linked to weight loss, and improved fitness. Workout in the local gym, in the park or at home – wherever works for you!

For participants who are looking to improve or maintain their current level or mobility. Ensures greater independence and safety within day-to-day living.

For participants who are looking to connect to their local community or develop their social skills. Learn how to navigate the gym while getting fit and having fun!

Group Fitness Sessions

We have WeFlex accredited group fitness instructors from a range of fitness disciplines, who can facilitate sessions for disability service providers of group-based supports or activities, such as community participation programs, lifestyle & recreational programs, vocational & employment support programs, respite and supported independent living services.

A WeFlex accredited group fitness instructor is available in-person (at your location, at your local gym/fitness centre) or online. We currently offer General Fitness, Boxing, Yoga, Pilates, Zumba and Mixed Martial Arts. However, if you are after something not listed here, please make a request!

Group fitness sessions are delivered at a fee for service to the provider booking the session. Prices are based per hour and on group size.

Allied Health

WeFlex can connect clients with Exercise Physiologists and Dieticians from our network of carefully vetted and selected allied health professionals. If you are already connected with a team of allied health professionals, we are super friendly and welcome their recommendations to the services we provide in working towards your goals.


WeFlex can provide supports as an out-of-pocket expense (fee for service) or claimable via your NDIS Plan to eligible NDIS participants with approved funding under the support categories such as:

Capacity Building

Core Supports

In general, a NDIS plan doesn’t not cover gym membership fees however the cost of support to participate with a WeFlex fitness professional may be eligible via your NDIS plan as above.

These services may also include non-face-to-face support provision, such as individualised session planning/progress and outcomes reporting.

Price Guide

All supports are delivered and claimed in accordance with the price controls of the NDIS as detailed in the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits available here.

Individual Sessions

NDIS Plan Funded
  • Personal Training $87.00 * per session

    *Session rate rounded, based on the variety of NDIS unit costs available subject to individualised NDIS plan funds available.

  • Exercise Physiology $166.99/hr
  • Dietitian $193.99/hr
Fee for Service

Group Sessions

Fee for Service

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