WeFlex isn’t a charity. 

Because we don’t think that the fitness industry should be more inclusive as an act of charity. All that would do is reinforce the notion that people with disabilities don’t belong. If we treated this like a charity we undercut our mission and our beliefs. Our business plan is a business case for inclusion. 

One of my pet peeves in the charity space is marketing. It’s boring, humourless, condescending inspiration porn and there seems to be a rule that if you work in disability you are legally required to have ‘able’ or ‘ability’ in your name. I knew for this business to be successful it had to get its marketing right… the problem is I don’t know anything about marketing…

When my brother and I spoke about the vision for this business at the B&T Changing the Ratio Conference filled with marketing execs – my eyes were crying out for help as I casually mentioned our desire for some support. We had a great brand, but no idea what to do with it. Luckily Emma Murphy from Paper + Spark saw my desperate pleas for help and before I knew it we were meeting with her and Zeina. 

To say they ‘got’ our brand would be an understatement. 

One of the coolest parts of the WeFlex journey has been watching Paper + Spark in action. It’s fun watching people do what they are really good at – and watching Paper + Spark do their thang with this brand of ours has been one of the highlights for us. We’ve loved seeing them bring our social media strategy to life and introduce the WeFlex brand to media through public relations. They’ve taught me a lot as a Founder (NO RANDOM ACTS OF CONTENT) and all of us as a business. David and I are always excited for our sessions with them because there is always something cool they’re going to show us. 

Why are we always excited? 

Because they don’t do boring, humourless and condescending.. 

For us to change the fitness industry our marketing needs to be on point. 

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